Nick Grimshaw is to attempt a Guinness World Record for live twerking on his BBC Radio 1 show. The breakfast show host will constantly twerk for an hour with a Guinness World Record official keeping a close eye. 

I can’t wait to be etched into the history books for such a noble, worthwhile cause. Twerking has always been close to my heart… and arse.x

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Fiona: Congratulations by the way.
Nick: On what?
Fiona: Two years.
Nick: Oh it's the 24th isn't it?
Fincham: Happy Birthday.
Nick: I quit.
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R1Breakfast: So this is happening in less than a week #GrimmyTwerks

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How Nick Grimshaw captivates the capital from dusk till dawn (x)

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"To be honest, I started the interview already a little peeved with him […]  But after 15 minutes of chitchat, it’s impossible not to start liking Grimmy. He’s witty, low-key and genuine.”- (x)

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@YahooCelebUK: That awkward moment when @mynameislorcan goes to meet @grimmers wearing the exact same outfit 😔

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Hehe 🙊

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@thekidhayden: “Pattern off @nicholasgrimshaw #goddadhangs”

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#broombroom (x/x/x/x/x/x)

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R1Breakfast: Stand by for this little legend’s graduation - you can watch it at bbc.co.uk/radio1 NOW!

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