nicholasgrimshaw: TBT having a quiet night on the town with ma radio pal @fionaradio 👍📻

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Nick Grimshaw makes himself out of tape

please stop being so cute ;____; never stop ;______;

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Nick Grimshaw takes the Cosmo Quiz (x)

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I use to make mixtapes for my friend Kate at uni - my friend Kate at school, sorry, not uni, and we were in maths together, and I really liked hip hop, and she, we were probably like, 13 or something, and I was really into hip hop and I use make her mixtapes of Timberland and Aaliyah and Missy Elliot, then she was like, I use to think she was so alternative, cos she had purple hair and she always use to get in trouble, and she’d get me into Green Day, Blink 182 and Slipknot and I was like, “Wow, I like that music AND this music.” and she was like, “You can like more than one genre.”, but you know when you’re 13, and you’re young and everything was so sectioned and grouped, like, “I’m indie.” “I like hip hop!”, “I’m a rocker.”, so it was all kind of like that. So we use to make mixtapes for each other. I still got them, like I never, never thrown them out, and I still got them, and I remember making them all though school, and then, when mini disc’s were on, when I was doing my A-levels, mini disc’s were well on, I used to make mini discs and I used to make Garage mix tapes then, but this is, this is pretty much the, that was the last one I made probably, when I was like doing my A-levels, so this is the next in the collection - The Nixtape.

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Nick Grimshaw is to attempt a Guinness World Record for live twerking on his BBC Radio 1 show. The breakfast show host will constantly twerk for an hour with a Guinness World Record official keeping a close eye. 

I can’t wait to be etched into the history books for such a noble, worthwhile cause. Twerking has always been close to my heart… and arse.x

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Fiona: Congratulations by the way.
Nick: On what?
Fiona: Two years.
Nick: Oh it's the 24th isn't it?
Fincham: Happy Birthday.
Nick: I quit.
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R1Breakfast: So this is happening in less than a week #GrimmyTwerks

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How Nick Grimshaw captivates the capital from dusk till dawn (x)

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"To be honest, I started the interview already a little peeved with him […]  But after 15 minutes of chitchat, it’s impossible not to start liking Grimmy. He’s witty, low-key and genuine.”- (x)

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@YahooCelebUK: That awkward moment when @mynameislorcan goes to meet @grimmers wearing the exact same outfit 😔

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